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Company History

Kruse Corporation was founded in 1994 by Kenny Kruse with a belief that if his company made a conscious commitment to quality work, high customer service and a strong work ethic, the people of Wichita, Kansas would support its efforts.

Kruse Corporation began as a sheet metal contracting company, but quickly diversified to meet the needs of its customer base and the community. They now offer plumbing, architectural sheet metal, welding and emergency mechanical service in addition to the original HVAC and custom sheet metal services.

With continued growth, Kruse Corporation has expanded their reach with new office locations in Manhattan, KS and Hutchinson, KS. This expansion has enabled the company to deliver their greatest asset:  their employees and their high level skill set.

Core Purpose

Make the lives of our employees comfortable and healthy through a positive work environment.


Better the lives of our employees, customers and communities through honest, hard and quality work.


Discipline: We will assert our willpower over selfish and base desires. We will maintain protocol and keep the team above individual.

 Morale: We will maintain our belief in our team and in our goals- especially in the face of opposition or hardship.

 Tough: We are forever accountable for what we do and what we do not do. We will never compromise our responsibilities.

 Competent: We will never take anything for granted. We will never be found short in our knowledge or in our skills.

Associations & Industry Partners

Kruse Corporation belongs to local and national organizations such as SMACNA, SPIDA and the AGC, who help ensure that our staff is current with industry standards for delivering quality product and services.

We work closely with many labor organizations like SMART and the UA who are instrumental in training our staff.

Strong working relationships with vendors in the community enhance and expand on our own products and services. These joint ventures have helped us successfully complete many projects over the years.

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Giving Back To Our Community

Kruse Corporation strives to be a positive contributor to the communities we serve. We challenge our staff to practice stewardship in the community- to donate time, treasure and talent in an effort to improve the community.

Kruse Corporation has selected Children’s Miracle Network as our primary charitable organization and we extend an invitation to everyone we come in contact with.

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Learn more about CMN and the great things that this wonderful organization accomplishes.